Are those my people?!

We met a new friend today. This person joined us at art drop-in, along with a support person. The two of them sat and created art, listened to music (on our little bluetooth speaker, as well as an original piece sung by a community member), and our new friend even shared a few snippets of song themselves.

This person seemed to feel quite at home quite quickly, and expressed gratitude that they had found their way to the drop-in. They left with a list of all our other programming, and plans to join us on Sunday for church.

Because we hold art drop-in at the health center we need to remain masked, and so don’t see each others full faces. As we (the Dale staff and interns) were walking away, we saw our new friend sitting on a bench. They called out, “hey, are those my people?!” We responsed that yes we were! They followed up with “and now I’m one of your people!!” To which we responded that YES they are!

I love these sweet, open-hearted moments of connection.

Thank you for also being my people, dear readers ❤


By joannacatherinemoon

I am the Lead Community Worker at The Dale Ministries in Parkdale, Toronto, ON. The Dale seeks to create safe welcoming spaces in which all people, particularly those on the margins, are encouraged to participate fully, to the best of their abilities and journey together toward a deeper experience of the life God has given us. This blog is meant to help keep my supporters connected with life at The Dale.

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  1. Beautiful!! Nothing is more important than creating beautiful safe space in which people feel safe, seen and connected to God self and others. You do that so beautifully!! Go team!

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