a week of wins!

Last week was one for the books! As Erinn wrote about in her latest blog, a dear Dale friend had their (urgent) housing and healthcare needs met in an unusually timely fashion. This was the result of some pretty beautiful teamwork on the part of a variety of agencies; further proof that partnership and collaboration… Continue reading a week of wins!

Monday moments

This past Monday, during our staff check-in before drop-in, we as a team acknowledged that we were feeling tired. There are a number of folks at The Dale whose lives are particularly tumultuous at the moment, a trend that we often see during the hot summer months. Between intense mental health struggles, housing (or lack… Continue reading Monday moments

Love and pride

I’ve had a line from a song by Sara Groves running through my brain recently: “love and pride can’t occupy the same spaces, baby, and only one makes you free.” As this line runs laps around my brain I keep noticing different aspects of it, as I view it through the lenses of various experiences.… Continue reading Love and pride

Dreaming and grieving

I never used to remember my dreams. In the last few years, though, they have been more vivid, and more of them have stuck with me after I awake. Sometimes these dreams are a bizarre mash-up of things that I’m thinking about, and I don’t read too much into them. Others are about things that… Continue reading Dreaming and grieving

The word of the day…and of life

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, as there’s been rather a lot going on within my life outside The Dale; housing changes, family changes, community and individual relationship changes. Most of these changes have been good, and also tiring… as change often is. But I have a story that I’ve been meaning… Continue reading The word of the day…and of life


I realized the other day that I haven’t done any blogging in a while, and I think it’s because things are still pretty difficult around The Dale, and within myself. Many good things have happened… and over all it’s been tough slogging. I don’t want to downplay or diminish the hard things, but I do… Continue reading Gratitude