Hug delivery

It was the day that we learned of Ash’s death, a Sunday. Meg and I received the Dale’s food delivery from Second Harvest in the morning, then Erinn led our church service in the afternoon with back up from me and Olivia. Our friend Mike (who we hadn’t seen in many months) popped in before… Continue reading Hug delivery

You made us feel like us

Hey Ash. I’m still finding it really hard to fathom that you’re not here anymore. You left really suddenly, and none of us saw it coming. There are SO many people who miss you, and are aching from your absence. The first time I met you was probably 8 or 9 years ago. You were… Continue reading You made us feel like us

Yay for community!

Today I am feeling just so grateful for the collective power of community, for a few specific reasons: The Dale started a GoFundMe just before Christmas, to help a community member pay for an essential surgery for his dear dog. Thanks to our amazing network of supporters, the full $2000 has been raised, and we’re… Continue reading Yay for community!

Keep on Trucking

Hi all. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote here! On December 8th, The Dale and Christ Church St. James (CCSJ) teamed up for an afternoon of carolling and Christmas goodies/winter necessities in the parkette outside the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Center (PQWCHC). It was a snow globe-y kind of a… Continue reading Keep on Trucking

Taking care

Last week during our breakfast-to-go drop-in, I noticed a woman speaking earnestly with Meagan. She seemed to be expressing deep concern about something, which I assumed had to do with a challenge she was facing. Meg listened to this new friend of ours with compassion, for the majority of the time that we were standing… Continue reading Taking care

Glimpses of “normal”

A few weeks ago the four of us, Erinn, Meg, Olivia and I, went on a day-long staff retreat. It was our first such retreat since before COVID, and it was fantastic. Some hospitable friends of The Dale have a farm near Uxbridge, and graciously allowed us the run of the place. We spent most… Continue reading Glimpses of “normal”

Falling Back into Routine

I’ve always liked autumn; sweater weather, cozy blankets on the balcony, and settling back into a routine after the fun but somewhat chaotic nature of summer. This year, of course, it feels strange to be settling back into another COVID season. Last fall was full of so much uncertainty, as we assumed case numbers would… Continue reading Falling Back into Routine

In Gratitude for Erinn

Every August, for most (all?) of the nine years I’ve been at The Dale, Erinn goes away. This month off is a very important part of her annual rhythm; it helps her to rest, recharge, and return in the fall with a new spring in her step. So…every year in late July, I feel myself… Continue reading In Gratitude for Erinn

Umbrella gift

Last Sunday was sunny and HOT. We had our big green tent canopy set up, and had positioned chairs in the shade, in anticipation of our outdoor church service. The service began, and the chairs filled up. More chairs were fetched as more people showed up, and eventually there was no more room in the… Continue reading Umbrella gift