a perspective shift

As an aspiring gardener, I am not a fan of squirrels. They seem to take unholy delight in digging up bulbs, nipping the stems of flowers in half, taking a single bite out of nearly-ripe strawberries, scooping dirt from potted plants and flinging it around balconies. I’m a fairly chill person most of the time,… Continue reading a perspective shift

Still here!

Hi team. I know it’s been a while since I last wrote here, and for that I apologize. Summer always seems to get away on me– I’m finding it hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through July! As things open up, regulations loosen, and the general anxiety around COVID seems to wane, we… Continue reading Still here!

Azorean Stew

About a month ago I had a great chat with someone I didn’t know very well, while in the breakfast line-up at The Dale. This friend was in the mood to share about his life, which he did with both vulnerability and humour. He told me that he grew up on a beautiful island in… Continue reading Azorean Stew

Being Sarah’s Niece

My Aunt Sarah was a real gem. She passed away on Maundy Thursday, after a four year journey with ovarian cancer, and she is going to be SO missed. To be a niece of Aunt Sarah was a gift. She loved creating and sustaining traditions for us as a family, like getting all ten nieces… Continue reading Being Sarah’s Niece

Hug delivery

It was the day that we learned of Ash’s death, a Sunday. Meg and I received the Dale’s food delivery from Second Harvest in the morning, then Erinn led our church service in the afternoon with back up from me and Olivia. Our friend Mike (who we hadn’t seen in many months) popped in before… Continue reading Hug delivery

You made us feel like us

Hey Ash. I’m still finding it really hard to fathom that you’re not here anymore. You left really suddenly, and none of us saw it coming. There are SO many people who miss you, and are aching from your absence. The first time I met you was probably 8 or 9 years ago. You were… Continue reading You made us feel like us

Yay for community!

Today I am feeling just so grateful for the collective power of community, for a few specific reasons: The Dale started a GoFundMe just before Christmas, to help a community member pay for an essential surgery for his dear dog. Thanks to our amazing network of supporters, the full $2000 has been raised, and we’re… Continue reading Yay for community!

Keep on Trucking

Hi all. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote here! On December 8th, The Dale and Christ Church St. James (CCSJ) teamed up for an afternoon of carolling and Christmas goodies/winter necessities in the parkette outside the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Center (PQWCHC). It was a snow globe-y kind of a… Continue reading Keep on Trucking