Monthly Archives: December 2021

Taking care


Last week during our breakfast-to-go drop-in, I noticed a woman speaking earnestly with Meagan. She seemed to be expressing deep concern about something, which I assumed had to do with a challenge she was facing. Meg listened to this new friend of ours with compassion, for the majority of the time that we were standing outside giving out meals.

Near the end of breakfast, another friend, “Joan”, came up to chat with me about some persistent issues she’s been facing in her apartment building. I listened, and then continued to brainstorm ways that we could help. Partway through our conversation the other woman, whose name I don’t know, came bounding up, pointing at Joan. She exclaimed to Meg, “This is the lady!”

I had no idea what the connection was between the two women– was Joan the source of the other lady’s distress?! But no, it turns out that the lady who had been speaking to Meg was actually sharing her deep and genuine concern for Joan’s situation. She was troubled that Joan was facing the issues that we was, and wanted Meg to know what was going on.

While I had assumed she was sharing her own worries, she was actually advocating for someone else; a person she doesn’t even know very well.

This is community 🙂