Monthly Archives: September 2021

Falling Back into Routine


I’ve always liked autumn; sweater weather, cozy blankets on the balcony, and settling back into a routine after the fun but somewhat chaotic nature of summer.

This year, of course, it feels strange to be settling back into another COVID season. Last fall was full of so much uncertainty, as we assumed case numbers would increase as the general population spent more time indoors, but had no idea what that would mean for schools, hospitals, and community organizations.

Now we know what a COVID winter can look like, and we hope against hope that vaccination rates will be high enough for this winter to be better (ie. fewer lock downs and more opportunity to spend time together.)

But we really have no idea what’s coming around the bend. So how do we make plans for the next few months? How do we settle back into a routine that we know may need to change, yet again?

Well, for us at The Dale this means that we keep doing what we know best: leaning on each other, sharing food, walking the streets of Parkdale, laughing and crying together, having good discussions about faith and scripture, tending to each others hopes and fears… Being community as best we can in these ongoing pandemic days.

Peace to each of you in this next season.