Monthly Archives: July 2021

In Gratitude for Erinn


Every August, for most (all?) of the nine years I’ve been at The Dale, Erinn goes away. This month off is a very important part of her annual rhythm; it helps her to rest, recharge, and return in the fall with a new spring in her step.

So…every year in late July, I feel myself gearing up for the following month, knowing that I will have increased responsibility in the community in Erinn’s absence. It’s a different feeling now that we’ve experienced growth on our staff team; I’m no longer “flying solo” when Erinn is away (nor is she, when I am away.) This fact still amazes and delights me! I am so grateful for Meg and Olivia, and the way that we work together to make things run as smoothly as possible.

And, I think I can speak for them too when I say that August makes us all realize afresh just how much Erinn does at The Dale! We all have our own roles, and Erinn’s is uniquely multi-faceted as the Pastor and Executive Director. I’m not going to attempt to list all the hats she wears, because I’d inevitably miss something, but let’s just say there are many.

August also reminds me of the unique presence that Erinn carries with her. I have learned much from her gentle wisdom, authentic compassion and empathetic leadership. The community usually chugs along fine in August, but there is something important missing. Someone.

So, all this to say, I’m grateful for Erinn! I’m always glad for her to take a break, and GLAD for her to return 🙂 Send up a prayer or thought for her, that this month with will be truly refreshing, and for the rest of us at The Dale as we chug along.