Monthly Archives: September 2020

Nimble Nomads with a Schedule


Yesterday I had the chance to describe The Dale to someone who had very little context for who we are. It was good for me to recap our history, our philosophy, and the unique way that we have chosen to exist in our neighbourhood as “nomads with a schedule.”

Early in this pandemic we needed to pare down our schedule and centralize our space usage. For the past six months we have primarily been operating from one location, along with our street outreach walks. This has honestly felt a little strange. Convenient, but strange!

So much of the Dale’s identity, in my mind, is connected with our ability to move easily from place to place; being together and being church wherever we are. In a word (which Erinn used this week and really stuck with me), we are nimble.

As COVID wears on, we find ourselves re-assessing the needs of the community, and the role that The Dale might play in the neighbourhood in these strange days. While we can’t be nomadic in the same way that we were before (using multiple indoor spaces), we are hatching plans about how to exercise our nimble-ness in this new reality.

Stay tuned 🙂