Monthly Archives: July 2018

Oh, Canada…


My Canada Day prayer:

O God, thank you for this land.

I lament the way it was stolen, and the way it has been/is being misused.

And I rejoice in its beauty.

I lament the injustices perpetuated in this country, and rejoice in the values of multiculturalism and inclusivity for which we have often been known to strive.

I lament the pain we inflict on each other, and rejoice in communities and initiatives that promote healing and restoration.

God of us all, may we seek to learn from each other, indigenous, settler and new comer folks alike. Those with a high degree of social privilege, and those with far less. Those from urban centers, and those from tiny hamlets.

In You, Triune God, we see unity in diversity. May we seek that for ourselves. Thank you for the way this land mirrors that unified diversity — majestic mountains, stretching prairies, icy landscapes, old growth forests, strings of lakes, sandy beaches, rugged islands, rolling pastures. All of these make this land what it is.

And we need each other to be fully beautiful. Help us, God, not to fear diversity, but  to embrace it as our one, shared, identity.


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