Monthly Archives: February 2018

Capable hands


This past week I was away on holiday. The timing felt pretty terrible, as Erinn was still in the midst of Dion’s health crisis and there were three people from the Dale in hospital. But, after being urged to go by my staff team and others, I did as many hospital visits as I could after our Monday drop-in and left on Tuesday.

I returned home early yesterday morning, and was delighted (and not surprised) to hear from various sources how incredibly well Meagan managed as the lone staff person for three drop-ins, two Bible studies, and a Sunday service. As always, the community rose to the occasion and surrounded Meg with support. I feel SO proud of her, and of our motley crew.

This was a completely new experience for me– I’m used to being the one taking the reins when Erinn needs to be away, and know the feeling of being held gently by the community. But I’ve never been the one to leave the community in the hands of someone who has been on staff for less time than I have. I’m so glad that Meg now has ample proof that her hands are capable of more than she imagined, and that she/we can count on the grace of God to flow through our Dale family when we need it most.

May you also know that you are held by the most capable of Hands this week.