The gentleness of wisdom

Next Saturday Erinn will take the second-last step on her journey towards ordination. A group of people, including a contingent from The Dale, will gather in a room, hear her statement of faith, ask questions, and then vote on whether she should be ordained. I will be there, and my vote will be a resounding… Continue reading The gentleness of wisdom

Showing up

I realized anew last week that a big element of being in community is simply being willing to show up for each other. Showing up at the hospital when a friend is facing a scary health crisis. Showing up to a musical friend’s gig. Showing up every week to help cook a big meal with… Continue reading Showing up

Great weather

This morning Erinn, Meagan and I were walking around Parkdale with our new friend Kirti, from the Parkdale Community Health Center. (Kirti is an addictions and mental health counselor, and we’re really glad to have him as part of our outreach team!) Today was a relatively quiet day in the neighbourhood, but we came across… Continue reading Great weather