Monthly Archives: February 2017

A typical Tuesday


I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at the Salvation Army Thrift Store this afternoon.

If you had been, you would have seen a very motley crew gathered around a table in the back corner of the store, where they keep the books. You would have heard raucous laughter, several animated conversations happening over one another, and, at one point, a youtube clip of Lady Gaga leaping off the roof at the Super Bowl halftime show.

You would have witnessed a game of Scrabble being played and a lot of coffee and donuts being consumed. The topics of conversation you would heard ranged from plans for the mass production of the masterpieces created by one of our resident artists, to the menu at today’s lunch meal at a local drop in, to hypothetical scenarios involving mountains of chicken balls and oceans of sweet and sour sauce, to opinions of Phil Collins, Adele and Justin Bieber.

There was some yelling, but today it was [pretty much] all good natured yelling. One friend, who is hard of hearing, sat smiling and sipping his coffee in the middle of the mayhem.

Near the end I went to the sink to do some dishes, and noticed a mom with a stroller browsing the kids toys and listening to us with a look of bemusement. She said, “What’s going on here? Is this some sort of support group?” I laughed, explained The Dale to her, and invited her to join us any Tuesday between 1 and 3pm. She said she thought it was great.

Afterward I told Erinn about this encounter, and she laughed too. Then she said, “Yeah, that IS what we are! A support group for each other!” I love that. A chaotic, motley, bizarre and beloved support group.