Make yourself at home

Today, after our worship service, Erinn and I walked into the kitchen of the building where The Dale meets on Wednesdays and Sundays, and found one of our friends making himself a pancake. This wasn’t just any pancake… It was massive (the size of the entire frying pan), and had strawberry jam and mini marshmallows… Continue reading Make yourself at home

The best medicine

“Ben” is a friend from The Dale who has experienced much struggle, sadness and sickness, but has managed to regain his phenomenal sense of humour. He makes me laugh all the time, and one rainy, dreary afternoon I decided that I needed to start writing down some of his material. So I started a memo… Continue reading The best medicine

Remembering Will

It’s been a year and two days since our friend Will Rohrer passed away. I miss him- his soft voice, his vulnerability, his chuckle. He had had a tough life, but he was was still such a tender guy. I count it as one of my greatest privileges to have been there with him when… Continue reading Remembering Will