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Today I am very grateful.

Grateful (on many levels) that Erinn’s husband Dion has been out of the hospital for a couple of weeks now, and that Erinn has been able to return to The Dale.

Grateful that a young man in our community will soon be out of the shelter system, and into subsidized housing, after many months of transience. And honoured that we get to play a small role in helping this to happen.

Grateful that I got to accompany another community member to the signing of the lease for her new, much improved, apartment. We’re already making plans to have tea on her balcony 🙂

Grateful that we’re about to take another trip up to the Zola Community Land, the 2.5 acre plot near Haliburton that friends of The Dale have invited us to use for gardens and retreats. We’re hatching plans for raised beds for veggies and herbs for our Monday lunches this year, and for an outdoor kitchen, walking labyrinth, and yurts in the years to come!

Grateful for a day full of good news, after a long period of time with lots of tragedy and uncertainty.

Grateful for spring!

Good friends


This has been a tough week for so many.

Extremely tough for the Oxfords, as Dion has been in hospital and Erinn and Cate have been present with him in the uncertainty and scariness of this chapter of their story with MS.

Tough for The Dale as a whole, as we miss Erinn, and are so worried for her and her family. Tough for a number of individuals within The Dale, who have been facing their own losses, griefs and uncertainties about the future this week. Tough for people who have been affected by the return of wintery weather, particularly those who spend much of their time (including nights) outside.

And it has been a week where the power of friendship has shone. I know for a fact that the Oxford family has been surrounded with love, in the form of prayers, meals, visits and messages. They are aware of the large, soft, thick blanket of friendship that is wrapping them up.

And the same goes for The Dale. Many wonderful friends have stepped up to help with the running of this community in Erinn’s absence. Kim, Sam, Beth and Simon have been bodily present at various points, and so many others have been praying and offering help for the days to come.

Last night on outreach, I was talking with a friend who faces some significant mental health struggles. He said to me, as he often does, “I feel fear. Like everyone is out to get me.” I told him, “Well, we’re not out to get you. We’re your friends.” A smile flickered across his face, which is a rare and wonderful occurrence. Then he said “It’s good to have good friends, like you guys.”

I totally agree. It’s good to have good friends.

Thanks to all of you, for being such good friends.