Here are some thoughts I shared this morning at the Good Friday service at The Church of Epiphany and St. Mark’s. There were seven of us sharing short reflections, each on a different section of the Good Friday story. Mine was John 19:38-42. Burials are so final. We see the body of the one we… Continue reading Burials


Today one of our dear, dear friends came home to The Dale. And what a joyful homecoming it was! This friend has been living in hospital since early last summer, battling a serious illness. He is no longer contagious, and is finally free to come and go as he pleases, as long as he’s at… Continue reading Homecoming

Another brutiful month

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and a lot has happened. To use a term that I introduced here a number of months ago, it’s been a brutiful month. Brutal and beautiful. Brutal because we lost yet another friend- our beloved Clive. And this death has had a different sort of impact… Continue reading Another brutiful month