Monthly Archives: February 2016

A day in the life


Erinn and I often joke about the likelihood that if we told people the strange variety of things we do in a day, they may not believe us.

So here’s what I got up to yesterday:

  • ate some bacon – donated by Second Harvest and prepared by a community member
  • drew a picture – as part of our art drop-in
  • received a guitar – from a community member who collects them, and wanted us to have one for each of our drop-in spaces
  • sang a song – in preparation for our February Feast & Open Mic this Saturday
  • cleaned a toilet – as it’s our turn to do the bathrooms in one of the spaces we inhabit
  • walked a dog – after paying a home visit with Erinn and Kim (a member of our outreach team), and realizing that our friend’s dog doesn’t get out much
  • organized a closet – as part of the ongoing battle to keep our precious storage spaces in order
  • went to a meeting – to coordinate with other support workers/nurses/outreach workers to better care for a house-bound community member
  • helped with some math homework – with a relatively new friend who volunteers at another Parkdale drop-in and is working on his GED.

This led to a conversation about who we are and why we spend our time making friends and hanging out in the neighbourhood. I told him that’s more or less what Jesus did, so it’s what we try to do. He thought that was pretty neat. As far as I know he wouldn’t identify as a person of faith, but he encouraged us to keep doing what we’re doing.

With God’s grace, the help of our supporters, and the teamwork of the entire community, we will. We’ll keep doing the stranger-than-fiction collection of activities that make up life at The Dale. And I am so, so grateful.