Monthly Archives: August 2015

Never flying solo


Erinn’s away for the next couple of weeks. When I’m explaining The Dale to people and tell them that there are just the two of us on staff, I get some funny looks. And when I say that she’ll be away for a while, I get even funnier looks!

I’ll admit that I get a few butterflies in my tummy whenever Erinn is out of town for a while. But the beauty of The Dale is that I’m never actually “flying solo”. Our Monday meals happen every week because a whole bunch of community members, along with our awesome kitchen coordinator Souad, make it happen. Even next week when Souad is away, it’ll still happen. Everything that goes on throughout the week is a group effort, and I know that the community has my back.

We are also very blessed with folks from outside Parkdale who come and pitch in. These various friends and family members have become part of the community too, and I am so so grateful for their love and support whenever they are present.

This t-shirt, sent to me by my wonderful sister, sums up this post:


All this being said, I/we would still appreciate prayer for a peaceful couple of weeks 🙂 At The Dale we’ve go each others’ backs, and I know that there is One who has our collective back too.