Reasons to Rejoice


Today was pretty sweet.

Erinn and I received our business cards, after a fair number of glitches and waiting on things over which we had little control. But today they were ready for pick up, and we were so excited! I somehow feel like I must be an adult (or getting there!) if I have a business card 🙂 And this feels like another sign that we, The Dale, are here to stay. Don’t be surprised if I force one on you the next time I see you!


Erinn, very wisely, suggested that we take a moment, in the middle of our busy day, to celebrate our cards. We took a few out, admired them, took a selfie, and felt happy. Yay for little moments of rejoicing!

And today was full of those moments.

The sun was shining brightly, and everyone was in a better mood.

An artist from the community sold some paintings last week, and insisted on treating us to lunch, to say thank you.

Another friend and I went to the AGO (for the second time).


I am grateful for the reminder to stop and celebrate, and for all these little (but in their own way, pretty big) reasons to rejoice.


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  1. Hello Joanna:
    I just sat and read all of your posts. They really spoke to me and brought tears to my eyes. I too care a great deal about those marginalized in our society, especially the mentally ill, because I have walked that journey for more years than you have been alive. I am so happy that God has called you to be a servant to those who need to hear the good news that Jesus loves them — no matter what their struggle may be. I find your ministry intriguing and will follow your blog. You are making a difference in the kingdom. May God equip you with everything you need for the journey.
    Melda Clark

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