Monthly Archives: May 2015



Tonight’s Bible study was really lovely.

We were small in number, but had a good, deep discussion and the chance to really share and pray together, which is sometimes hard in bigger groups.

One member took off a bit early to get to an AA meeting, and we cheered him on his way, congratulating him on 13 days of sobriety.

The rest of us spent some time praying. One member prayed “for the guy in the bus shelter, even though he’s crabby with me. I don’t really know why I’m praying for him… but I love him, and I’ll miss him when he’s gone.” Another prayed for “everyone who thinks that no one loves them.”

Wowzers. What a group.

Reasons to Rejoice


Today was pretty sweet.

Erinn and I received our business cards, after a fair number of glitches and waiting on things over which we had little control. But today they were ready for pick up, and we were so excited! I somehow feel like I must be an adult (or getting there!) if I have a business card 🙂 And this feels like another sign that we, The Dale, are here to stay. Don’t be surprised if I force one on you the next time I see you!


Erinn, very wisely, suggested that we take a moment, in the middle of our busy day, to celebrate our cards. We took a few out, admired them, took a selfie, and felt happy. Yay for little moments of rejoicing!

And today was full of those moments.

The sun was shining brightly, and everyone was in a better mood.

An artist from the community sold some paintings last week, and insisted on treating us to lunch, to say thank you.

Another friend and I went to the AGO (for the second time).


I am grateful for the reminder to stop and celebrate, and for all these little (but in their own way, pretty big) reasons to rejoice.