Monthly Archives: April 2015

Choosing hope


Today was tough. There were lots of things about our Monday meal drop in that were totally lovely- fun jamming sessions, an unforeseen and generous donation of clothing, lots of coffee and muffins, good chats, warm hugs, delicious potatoes, veggies, chicken and fruit salad, cohesive teamwork (and a couple of dance parties) in the kitchen, and interpersonal harmony more or less throughout the 5 hours we were together.

And there were lots of difficult things going on within us and our community. Things that don’t have easy answers, seem to be getting worse not better, and leave us feeling deeply sad and at a bit of a loss. I sat for quite a while hearing from a community member who really isn’t doing well. We came up with a few potential next steps, but the reality is that this friend is struggling deeply. Near the end of our conversation, my friend asked me, “Do you think things will ever get better?”, and all I could say was “… I have hope for you.”

Honestly, I have no idea if my friend will experience a huge transformation, or even a series of small ones. But I am choosing to hold onto hope; for this friend, and for all of us. I have hope that things can get better, and that one day things – ALL things- will be made ultimately right. This is the hope of resurrection, of which we’re reminded every Easter.

One of my favourite authors, Madeleine L’Engle, put it very well: “I believe in the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as Jesus the Christ, and the resurrection of the body of all creatures great and small, not the literal resurrection of this tired body, this broken self, but the body as it was meant to be, the fragmented self made new; so that at the end of time all Creation will be One. Well: maybe I don’t exactly believe it, but I know it, and knowing is what matters.”