Thomas and Meredith

Today marks 15 years since my cousins, Thomas (11) and Meredith (8), died in a car accident. They and their parents were on their way to my family’s home for an early Christmas dinner. Every December 11th since then I marvel that another year has gone by, and often wonder what they would be up… Continue reading Thomas and Meredith

The gift of giving

As December gets rolling, everything around us tells us to think about giving gifts. Like I said in my last post, I have a lot of thoughts about this… but for today I want to ponder an alternative way of thinking about gift giving, which applies all year long. Central to the vision/mission statement of… Continue reading The gift of giving

An advent re-post

Last year I did a lot of thinking about Advent and Christmas, and wrote a post about it. These thoughts still pretty much sum up how I feel about December, so I thought I’d post it again:   I accidentally went to the Dufferin Mall on Black Friday. I should say, I went to the… Continue reading An advent re-post