The Great Outdoors


Being outside is just good for the soul. I spent part of this afternoon weeding our plot in the community garden, and it was great. Sure, I grumbled a bit about the very luxurious dandelions that had taken root, but being outside, tending a plot of earth is one of the loveliest, and most satisfying ways to spend time.

I really love living in Toronto, for many reasons. I also really love getting out of Toronto every once in a while, being in wide open spaces, breathing forest-fresh air, jumping into quiet, tree-lined lakes, gazing at the stars, and hearing the sound of silence.

This summer, from July 6-9th, The Dale is taking a trip out of the city, up to a lovely little camp outside Parry Sound. People have been talking about this trip for months and months, and excitement is growing as the time gets nearer. People are talking about fishing, canoeing, hiking, and just being.

Many folks from the community have committed to contributing towards the trip financially, which is wonderful. And we still have a ways to go, to cover the cost of the trip. So we would like to invite you, dear reader, to consider helping us bring as many people as possible up to camp! The cost per person is approximately $120.

If you’re interested in contributing, just click on the “Donate to the Dale” tab, use any of the methods listed, and make a note that it’s for the Camp Fund.

Thanks for considering this!

Peace to you.




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